Juli Lippire, Organize and Design Business Owner with her dog Bear

What is our Process?

The Modify Process! We first need to establish your needs and we do this by determining what you want to use the space for. What's working and not working! Together we will set priorities and a timeline based on your budget, we work as needed so you can finish up projects even after our session together ends. We will discuss and agree on a vision for the project and then Modify will begin to execute!

Do you need to be there the whole time?

We want to meet your expectations and therefore we will require that you take some time to discuss what you are looking for! After that we are good to go and your time is not required until the end to confirm that you expectations have been met! 

Where does Modify Donate Items?

Modify supports local businesses and therefore researches the best locations to donate your items! Office and art supplies to schools, clothing to non-profits, and sometimes even home decor to local artists!

We have been loving these locations due to their contribution to the community but please recommend any you feel are fantastic!

Business + Professional Clothing for helping those who need a fresh start! Bloom Marin

Donation Items for the Community Hospice by the Bay's Thrift Store Hodge Podge

Clothing + Kids Items  Restore Stockton

Electronics Renew Computers 

Does it cost extra to have Modify Donate my items?

There is no additional charge for donating your items! We only request that you cover the time it takes to donate. We are happy to provide a donation receipt for your taxes, just request one and we'll scan and send it by email!

Can Modify Donate Large Items?

We can! If the item does not fit in a standard car, we have friends with big cars and partner with a great moving company called CareMore Moving! Just let us know and we can connect you. 

What are Modify's favorite Projects?

Helping a New Grad purge and pack for Medical School

Decluttering a Naturopath so she could start doing IV's in her office

Organizing baby shower presents in a Nursery for an Expecting Mom

Setting up a Surgical Practice for a New Physician

Designing a zero-scape Bird, Bee, and Butterfly garden for a front yard

Making a retiree's woodworking shop functional again


Additional Information

Clients must provide at least 24-hours notice for cancellations. Cancellations made without 24 hours notice,  no-shows or cancellations made after the start of the session incur the full fee.  

Both the organizer and the client shall have the right to terminate this business relationship at any time, provided that proper notice is given when cancelling an appointment.  

Clients in areas requiring parking garages (Financial District, etc) will be billed the parking fee up to $40.

Bear, the modify organizing mascot

Bear, the modify organizing mascot