juli's journey to organizing and design

Juli's passion for organizing and design solutions started at a very young age with helping her little brother organize his legos.  Over the years, she graduated from small projects to interior design, project management, and medical office operations; quickly realizing that she could inspire an abundance of unique clients through her professional organizing and design skills. Further continuing to master this craft, she became certified in Product and Project Management through Stanford University. In 2015, Juli started extending her expertise to her community. Today she has had the pleasure of creating personalized functional spaces for many San Francisco locals, including start-ups, VC firms, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and retirees.  She has always acknowledged and appreciated that organized, serene space supports a healthy mind.


Whether you are seeking order, functionality, or a greater level of simplicity, Modify is the answer to beautiful spacial changes. Modify was created to help people re-invent, re-ignite, re-inspire their spaces.  Our foundation is built upon professionalism, integrity, and confidentiality with a vision to design a space that speaks to your wellbeing. No project is too small or large, they all begin with the courage to take the first step.

the modify sidekick


Meet Bear, Our Modify Mascot!

Bear is our 11 year old shihzu-poodle (shih-poo) that loves to travel with us to clients! He will cheer you on or snuggle if donating gets tough! Request him for your appointment and he would happily hang out on your lap. He is great with other dogs, cats, and kids!

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